Sigil: City of Doors

Session 1
Jysson's Curiosity Shop

"I saw a proud, mysterious cat,
too proud to catch a mouse or rat.
But catnip he would eat, and purr,
and goldfish he did much prefer. 
I saw a cat – 'twas but a dream,
who scorned the slave that brought him cream. 
Unless the slave were dressed in style,
and knelt before him all the while. 
Did you ever hear of a thing like that?
Oh, what a proud mysterious cat."


Kutar IV – Dwarf Wizard
Sapil – Human Warrior
Ilk – Human Cleric
Dancer 115 – Rogue Modron Artificer
Aysel – Half Elf Rogue
Bennie – Halfling Bard

In our maiden session, we began "in media res" as the characters squared off against some powerful Baatezu on a hellish landscape of fire. After coming out victorious they realized that they had been taking part in an extremely convincing Public Sensorium session at the Civic Festhall. As they left they were nearly immediately assailed by a mind numbing pain coming from inside their skulls. The pain, which only subsided if they headed in a certain direction, led them to a defunct portion of the Market Ward to the dilapidated "Jysson's Curiosity Shop."

Once inside they met with Jysson (now a small black house cat, and Petitioner to the Beast Lands) and an intelligent ledger book. The book explained that it was once owned by Jysson, who had purchased it from it's creator, Heiron. Jysson had purchased the book on an installment plan, and had managed to end up in the dead book before he could make full restitution. When Jysson found his way back to Sigil on the business of his Power, the book reached out to him, reminded him of his obligations, and sought out suitable parties to return the book to its rightful owner, who was currently residing in Automata. In exchange for doing so, Jysson would hand over the deed to the shop, and the book would reveal the hiding place of Jysson's nest egg of platinum pieces and gold.

After a pit stop at the Shattered Temple, where Sapil sought further enlightenment upon the teachings of the Athar, and received such from the most helpful Caylean, the players accompanied the book and the cat to the location of a portal to Automata, in the Clerk's Ward.


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